Watch Spa and Salon Traffic Jump! Instantly engage and reach your customers with personal invitations, mobile coupons and text message appointment reminders. Our Mobile Marketing Experts will help you immediately build and grow a list of revenue-generating customers, delivered by text with the right message at the right time.

Text message marketing gives salons and spas a cost-effective way to rev up revenues, keep missed appointments low, and have returning loyal customers while growing your client database.

Think of it as making over your marketing strategy giving it a much-needed upgrade. Text message appointment reminders means no-shows are a thing of the past. Mobile coupons and discounts are simple ways to speed up a slow day. Texting health or beauty tips can keep your clients entertained and engaged with your company. And that’s just for starters.

SMS Marketing for Spas & Salons


This guide explains what text message marketing is, how it works, and what text campaigns will work best for spas and salons.

What is Text Message Marketing?

First things first, what is mobile marketing? Glad you asked.  Essentially it is any marketing activity where a mobile device is the medium of choice. Text marketing uses text messages for the purpose of marketing a product or service. Business owners advertise and distribute mobile coupons, send friendly appointment reminders, and advertise specials and discounts; all via text messaging. Text messaging is an easy, effective, and inexpensive way for salons and spas to cash in on the massive popularity of texting while growing your customer database, increasing revenue and building customer loyalty.

Your text messaging program should be framed around long-term relationship building, becoming an integral part of the company’s marketing message.

Other SMS Marketing Spa and Salon Ad Ideas:

  • Get 25% off of Your Next Visit! Send text message “JOIN” to 71441 to join our Mobile VIP club.
  • You get 50% off your next purchase and a VIP Club mobile member’s card, which entitles you to receive a 25% discount for all hair products.
  • As a VIP member you will receive exclusive offers and other important information sent directly to your cell phone.

Why Text Message Marketing for Salons & Spas?

Still need convincing?

Here are 10 great reasons why text messaging is a perfect way for salons and spas to reach their customers.

10 Reasons Why Your Spa or Salon Should Start Texting Now!

Reason 1: Your text message reaches your customers anytime and anywhere

Your customers leave home every day with only three things:  Car keys, purse or wallet and their mobile phone. Mobile Marketing ensures your text message reaches your customers no matter where they are. Text messaging lets you say to your prospective clients and customers in a one-on-one manner that is matchless over other advertising. Customers will carry your message with them wherever they go. Unlike physical coupons or flyers. Your text message is seamlessly stored in the phone, accessible whenever and wherever they need it.

Reason 2: Mobile marketing is cost efficient advertising

As a business owner, you need the most out of every advertising dollar. Mobile Marketing is cost effective and produces the highest rate of return for your investment. Text campaign costs are miniscule–as little as 3¢ per text–and well worth the return on investment. The money you make by bringing customers in will far outweigh the pennies that texting will cost. Business-wise, text marketing simply makes sense for salons and spas.

  •  A text messages cost averages between 5 cents to 12 cents each to send.
  • Direct mail pieces can cost over $2.00 each to send.

Reason 3: Text marketing is highly targeted form of advertising

Text marketing is a highly targeted form of advertising. You can target your campaigns to specific customers to produce higher redemption rates, and build lists that will produce immediate sales every time you send new text advertisements to them

Reason 4: Advertising results – Text marketing allows you to measure your results

Text marketing allows you to measure the results and scope of your other advertising. Place a text-to-action on your direct mail, newspaper, radio or TV ads and … You will know that day which advertising is producing a return on your investment — and which is not.

Reason 5: Texting is already Popular

No new technology to learn. All your customers are already texting–why not text with them? 4 out of 5 (80%) Americans with cell phones regularly send or receive text messages.Need to attract new customers? Salons and spas can cash in by sharing your text campaigns by social media. Post your offer on your company’s website, mobile website, Facebook page, twitter and virally reap the rewards of new opt-ins for your offer.

Reason 6: Your SMS text message immediate response

90% of texts are read within 3 minutes. Speed up slow-downs with surgical precision: get customers into your place of business exactly when you need them. Customers and prospects receive and read your message on their personal mobile phones within seconds. No more waiting for marketing copy to be proofed or for new campaigns to be designed. Not to mention the cost.  Start new mobile campaigns from creation to delivery in minutes. Or, schedule your messages to automatically be sent on the dates and times of your choosing. Typically 97% of marketing texts are read. For some perspective, the open-rate of marketing emails is typically 10%. There’s simply no better way to reach your customers every time.

Reason 7: You save money

Text message marketing is cost effective with redemption rates anywhere from 20% to 70%. Compare that to email, print, TV, radio or direct mail which averages less than 1% redemption. You save thousands in ineffective traditional campaign costs while lowering your overall marketing expense by adding text marketing to all your current marketing efforts. The average cost to send a text is around 3 -5 cents delivered. Reach everyone in your database instantly for literally pennies.

Reason 8: Text message marketing works

The patrons who have positive relations with you, want to do more business with you, have opted-in to receive your offers. Your advertising dollars are spent only on those customers who have raised their hand and have given you permission to send messages to their cellphone.

Reason 9. People want to get your text messages

We’re not spamming people with random emails. You’re messaging at your customer’s request; People who already know and love your salon or spa. The reason why the texts you send are so massively effective is that your customers want to receive them. Tap into your most valuable resource by marketing to customers who already love what you do.

 Reason 10. Text marketing has 5 billion users

Mobile phones are todays’ technology that 5 billion customers already have, love and are using. Customers like the convenience and they are responding accordingly. Is your business is moving forward and staying ahead? Embrace new mobile marketing opportunities, and you will separate yourself from your competitors and become the obvious leader in your marketplace.

What message should Salons & Spas Text to customers and prospects?

Yes, texting makes good business sense for spas and salons… but what exactly do they text?

Here are the most common ways salons and spas use text message marketing. Use this list as a guide, but don’t be afraid to get creative and invent something of your own!

Action Tools for Text Marketing

Appointment Reminders

Make no-shows a thing of the past. Text customers with reminders before their appointments to make sure they show up. It has never been easier to automatically text reminders for appointments scheduled in Google’s popular Calendar application.

Example Spa Appointment Reminder:
3:00pm Thursday, June 11th. Reply 1 to confirm, 2 to cancel, and 3 to reschedule.

Exclusive Coupons & Discounts

Everyone loves a bargain! Customers can’t wait to sign up for your exclusive deals.

City Spa – Today only! Get a FREE deep tissue cleansing mask with any regular service.

Time-sensitive coupons (e.g. “Buy one get one Free! Today only!”) can fill in the blank spots in your spa or salon schedule at the push of a button.

Mobile Marketing for Events

Posting an event about a new product, new procedure, or just beautiful and healthy living is a sure attention getter of eager customers. Send your patrons text alerts about the special events you’re hosting to ensure you get a great turnout!

City Spa – Learn how to look younger for less at Dr. White’s FREE seminar at the City Spa, this Monday at 4pm!

Mobile Marketing with Contests

Start the excitement by running a sweepstakes giveaway like a gift certificate to your spa.

Set up a sweepstakes in seconds and put up signs: “Text RELAX to 71441 to enter to win a FREE full-body Swedish massage!”

Thanks for entering our contest! Winner will be contacted via text on June 1st. Good luck!

Beauty and Health Tip Messages

Add Value or show your expertise by sending weekly beauty tips and tricks to keep your spa or salon at the top of your customers mind.

You can write a new tip every week or, with our Auto-responder tool, write a series of tips that new subscribers will get once a week after they sign up.

City Spa Beauty Tip #3: Eliminate dark circles and puffiness by applying a chilled spoon under your eyes ; )

How to Run a Text Message Campaign

Your Keyword & Our Shortcode

We have covered why your spa or salon should be text messaging, what your spa or salon should be texting, but you’re still not sure exactly how to text? No problem, we got you covered.

SMS Keyword Shortcode Marketing

Start by reserving a keyword. This is your exclusive code that people will text to 71441 to get your messages.

Your keyword should also be easy to remember and represent your spa or salon. Remember to keep it simple.

For example, if you operate City Salon, a good keyword might be “CITY”. Or if you’re running a sweepstakes to giveaway a free Spa Package, consider using the keyword “SPA”.

Import Contacts to/from your Mobile Database

It is simple to Import contacts into your account all at once. If you already have a database of your customers’ phone numbers, you can upload the contacts and be ready to text them in seconds.

Contacts that you import into our system must have given express consent to be contacted. Texting any numbers that you have not collected organically is illegal and strictly against Anti-Spam policies.

Advertising Your Text Campaigns

NUMBER 1 RULE: You must advertise your text message campaign – but don’t worry, its crazy easy to do.

YOUR MISSION:  Advertise your Call to action

Call to action (“Text SPA to 71441”) + Relevant Message + instant delivery = Customers

You need to spread the word! Customers won’t know about your text message campaign if you don’t let them know it exists. Advertise your incentive/keywords/offer wherever possible.

Just include your call to action (“Text SPA to 71441”) on the materials you already use like your website, social media any printed materials and your indoor and outdoor signage. send an email to your database print out a quick sign advertising your campaign.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns are Laser targeted and delivered instantly. When you have a clear and concise message it makes it simple to promote your text campaign virtually everywhere.

Here are just a few examples:

  • A simple short notice/invitation on your receipts is an easy and free way to promote your texts.
  • Signs in your waiting-area with an irresistible offer is a sure way to capture people’s attention.
  • Have your staff ask customers to opt-in for special deals or discounts on services.
  • A simple sign offering an instant discount at the cash register is extremely effective.
  • Monetize your storefront. An eye -catching window display makes great mobile advertising space.

Sample Spa Mobile Advertising Message

Text “SPA” to 71441 to join Monday Massage Madness. Special 20% Discount Monday only!

Like most businesses spas and salons have their own challenges: too many no-shows and too many slow days.

Using our Google Calendar Sync feature, your business can immediately start sending text message reminders for all their client appointments, dramatically reducing no-shows.

Here is what you can do to increase business on those occasional slow days.

Reserve a keyword like the name of your business or service. Example: keyword (“SPA”) advertise your keyword with your assigned shortcode (71441).

Create your campaign signage
Text “SPA” to 71441 to join Monday Massage Madness. Special 20% Discount Monday only!

Post signs in your salon or spa, post on the windows and include it in your social media and on your flyers and in all your advertising.  Don’t forget to ask them to enter their mobile number at the checkout counter. Our platform automatically captures your client’s information creating a targeted customer list of mobile customers who have asked for your message. With every week, you collect more and more customers and clients to your text customer list, making your texts even more effective. Since 90% of texts are read in 3 minutes, it doesn’t take long for a steady stream of loyal customers to walk in, often with a friend or two.

No more slow days, no-shows, and one time bargain shoppers  SMS text message reminders for spas and salons decreases the number of no shows by 20-40%. With 97% read rate within the first 3 minutes, putting your message, quite literally, right into the hands of your customers

When the salon gets slow, you’re able to send a text to your customers with an exclusive discount only available that day. Your Mobile Keyword campaign is a cost effective way to reach new prospects, maintain contact with regulars, and let everyone know about products, services, upcoming events, and special offers instantly.

Now the salon is always busy, with less missed appointments. Your Spa or Salon is bringing in a lot more money now that you have hundreds of loyal customers who you can mobilize to the Spa at the drop of a hat.

All it takes is a simple text.