Text Messaging for Schools


It doesn’t matter if you are a large University for small elementary school elementary school text messaging notification system will help your students be safe, informed, and reachable in case of emergency

Emergency text messaging alerts are sent to thousands of students in seconds with just a few clicks.

  • Important messages and notifications can also be sent to parents.
  • Text messages can be targeted to teachers, individuals, classes or groups.
  • 90% of texts are read in 3 minutes!
  • Studies have shown that students love their phones.
  • More studies have shown that teens and young adults prefer texting to phone calls.

Examples of Text Messaging For Schools:

Class Cancellations
Send a text alert when class is cancelled to make sure all students and parents are informed as to what is happening.

  • Attention Students: Class has been cancelled today due to the snow emergency.  
  • Parent alert: there will be no school today due to the snow.
  • Parent-teacher alert: school is on lockdown until further notice- intruder on campus -details to follow.

Emergency Alerts

When an emergency happens seconds can make a big difference. Alert students and parents and staff immediately to ensure their safety and security.

  • This is a test of the Emergency Broadcasting System in the event of a real emergency you will receive instructions by texts to this number.

.Important Reminders

It is real easy for students to forget deadlines, special days, and special events.

  • Stop tardiness before it starts with simple text message reminders.
  • Attention all students: Today is the last day to order Yearbooks. Visit the Student Center after school to register your copy.

School Events

The Big events whether school or sporting related will be better attended by sending the student body mass a mass reminder text.

  • Support our Girl’s Soccer Team as they compete for the State Championship! This Saturday at 2pm on the main field.
  • Fundraising Deadlines: Wednesday is the last day to turn in money for the cookie fundraiser.

How to Get Everyone On Board:

Have your students, parents and staff sign up for SMS Text Notification System it couldn’t be easier and more fun for them. Everybody likes to be in the know.

It is very easy for students to sign up for school alerts by texting the short “keyword” to 555555 they will be immediately subscribed to any messages you send them from that keyword.

You can also easily import contact information from a spreadsheet document.

Important: text messaging is a permission-based program. This means you need their permission also known as opting in.

Here are a few ways to make sure everyone’s getting your important messages:


Use a simple check box on your school registration form stating its okay to contact them by text on their cell phone, and they will automatically to be part of the special School  SMS Text Notification System.


Have students give their cell phone numbers, and permission to text them while creating their student email accounts.

 Easily import

Their cell phone numbers can easily be put on spreadsheet and inputted into the Mobile Marketing Expert platform.

K-12 Schools:

Introduce your SMS Text Notification System when students are being registered, the first aid school and parent-teacher conferences. Consider also sending a letter home with the students.

Promote Your Text Message System

Make sure to mention your SMS Texts Notification System on your school’s website in your school’s newspaper, newsletters and at PTA meetings and over the PA system  with special announcements. Whatever it takes this is important, and can be a real lifesaver.

You don’t need to be a technology whiz to understand and use our Mobile Marketing Expert platform. Our dedicated staff of texting experts are always available and here to help!

Need a custom plan or a special feature to fit your school’s needs? No problem. Tell us what you need and we’ll be happy to design a plan to suit your school.