Eikon Mobile Marketing for Sales Professionals

SMS Mobile Marketing is easily one of the most efficient and effective ways to reach your target audience. Why? Just look around. Most people have their phones on them at all times.

The Next Communication Channel:

Your customers are going mobile. Are you? Mobile marketing is revolutionizing the marketing and advertising fields. It’s no surprise that mobile marketing efforts result in astonishingly high rates of response and rapid actions. With traditional marketing and advertising techniques lagging behind mobile marketing in reach and effectiveness.

Your online presence – Virtual business card vs. Mobile Business Cards

When compared to cardboard traditional business cards today’s mobile and virtual business cards are cutting edge mobile delivery systems. Easily and quickly distribute your business credentials via text messaging starting a chain reaction in where you will automatically capture new leads, download and sort to your database, and initiate your drip campaigns.
There are generally two types of electronically delivered virtual business or “Vcards”. A Vcard can be as limited as a simple text message in addition a Vcard can send a Vcard File (.vcf) as an attachment with your business credentials. Using a virtual business card, when someone asks you for a business card, you just tell them to input their email to on your Vcard and an email with your Vcard is immediately returned to their phone.
The second type of virtual business card is a mobile business card. Mobile business cards are like Vcards on steroids and they function more like mobile apps. Full feature pushbutton functions like “push to call” and “mapping” integrated with multi-media digital capabilities including video and audio messages. Mobile business cards are generally distributed by a “Keyword”. When someone asks for your business card you now tell prospects to Text “JIM” to 55555. Sent back immediately to their cell phone is “clickable” information such as:
• Your Phone Number
• Your Email Address
• Geo mapping to your location
• Webinars
• Videos
• Your Mobile Website
• Your latest promotions
And the best part, you automatically capture their mobile phone number. There is no better way to build a targeted database, if the “money is in the list” now you can automatically build your list, sort your prospects and begin your drip campaigns.

• Interact with buyers using today’s preferred method of communicating, texting
• Instantly Capture real cell numbers of buyers
• Database building for future marketing
• Easy integration within your existing advertising
• New avenue to generate leads
• Organize all of your professional contacts in one place
• Vcards equals no more paper. More eco-friendly
• Build links to other professionals
• Vcards never “get lost or thrown away”
• VCards can be updated instantly. No more wasted money on changing business cards
• Vcards can contain links to anything you can think of on the internet including your website

Eikon’s mobile platform can help you “power-build” your leads list, supercharge your existing database, automate the process and help you go green all while doing it affordably. Next time you are asked for your business card, don’t GIVE them cheap cardboard contact info – DELIVER your business credentials – DELIVER your company – DELIVER YOU.