Text Marketing for Real Estate


In today’s real estate arena, communicating with a potential buyer is critical. Successful sales start with a single point of contact.

How many ways can house-hunting prospects contact you? If you’re like most real estate professionals probably only by a traditional phone call or email.

Eikon’s text message marketing opens up a new and invaluable channel that allows more prospective buyers to contact you, resulting in more sales. It’s just simple arithmetic … more contacts + more sales = more profit you take home.

Define Text Message Marketing?

Did you know that out of every 3 Americans at least one prefers to be contacted by text, rather than by a phone call? Simple translation, without text marketing, you may be shutting out one third of your potential buyers.

Text message or SMS marketing, is a permission-based form of advertising that takes advantage of the massive popularity of text messaging. With Eikon’s mobile medium, you combine the power of print, audio and video into one platform that can deliver information to clients anytime, anywhere, providing them the resources to make an informed purchase.

Does Text Marketing Make Sales?

Here’s an example: a prospective buyer drives by your property listing and spots your lawn sign.


The prospect will text your custom keyword (“PROP8”) to 114411 andwithin seconds  

will receive the following text message:

11 Any St
3 BR – 1 BA
(555) 555-1221
Pics+Info: http://bit.ly/GAsbdY

As the prospect is receiving the information, you will get an email notification with their phone number. That means you get an immediate lead, that has expressed interested in the property. You call the prospect and soon you’ve sold and closed the property.

It can’t get any easier than that?

How the Process Works

To use the Eikon system effectively, every listing in your inventory should have its own unique keyword. A keyword is a code, word or phrase, that when texted to a shortcode (a 5- or 6-digit phone number) will initiate a specific text campaign for each property.


For the purpose of illustration, you have a property for sale at 44 Elm Street, so you choose “44ELM” as the keyword.

This keyword is now displayed on the property’s lawn sign, any print or online advertising.

“Text 44ELM to 114411 for listing info”

You have the flexibility to choose any available keyword for your property. The keyword should be simple and easy to remember. Often agents use their name, shortened property address, name of the Realty Company, etc.

When you sign up for an Eikon account, you will find it easy to establish a custom keyword.

9 Reasons Why Your Spa or Salon Should Start Texting Now! 

 Let’s examine why Eikon’s text marketing platform will put you ahead of the competition.


Think about it, it takes seconds to send a text. Most people text today on shear impulse. Prospects are rewarded with an instantaneous response with detailed property information right to their phone. Remember some prospects are reluctant to call for information. Often they fear talking to a desk agent and spending a lot of time on hold waiting for the same information.  They can also go back to their phone later and reference the property information again.


Text messages are accessible on almost 100% of the cell phones in use today and are opened by more than 98% of the people who receive them. We are all aware that mobile marketing is here to stay. Statistics show that more than 50% of the cell phones in use are smartphones, but there are still many old technology cell users.  Many people have mobile friendly websites that can only be seen by people with Smartphones. With the Eikon’s text marketing every cell phone owner can see your message.


When you use the Eikon Mobile text marketing campaigns you will receive the contact phone number information of those prospects who express interest in renting or buying your listing.


Every sales professional knows the value of having a “mailing list” of clients and prospects to keep in touch with. The Eikon Mobile text marketing campaigns help you develop a list of prospects. Even if they don’t buy the property they texted to get information on, you have permanently captured their contact information which allows you to direct them to other listings you may have.


Once you have compiled a list of contacts you can use the Eikon text marketing campaigns to notify your prospect/client list of special events like open houses, new listings, interest rate changes, etc. This is a very time efficient way to get your message out to your client audience.


The flexibility of the Eikon mobile platform also allows you to communicate with any interested prospect by immediately return texting them with any personal message you wish.


With the Eikon Mobile platform as your partner, you can have a mobile text marketing campaign, create a mobile V-Card* and set up a mobile website* where each can be tied together giving you the TRIPLE PLAY effect that puts you light years ahead of other real estate agents.

*(add on features )


You can customize your text messaging to include just about any information you want. However the old adage of “keep it simple” is highly recommended.

Here are some ideas

  • Property Address
  • List Price
  • Property size and profile
  • Your agent contact info or website/ Social Media page
  • Map page link


Eikon Mobile has a text marketing plan that is affordable for everyone. You can start out small and upgrade as your list and business expands. There are no long term contracts to sign on any of Eikon’s plans. The one thing that you can always be sure of is that with Eikon’s text marketing program your message goes to the people you want to reach all the time.


The next step is to choose the Eikon Mobile plan that fits your needs and register on line so that you can start your business skyrocketing to more success.