Introduction: Churches and Text Messaging

Whatever your title,  Bishop, Pastor, Reverend, Priest, Chaplin, Rabbi, All ministries and  religious organizations face similar challenges.

  • Keeping their congregations informed.
  • Keeping their congregation motivated the whole week long.
  • Communicating effectively with youth, teens, young and not so young adults in their congregation and community.

A text messaging campaign powered by EIkon can help with these challenges

Here are some examples and explanations on how text messaging can help.

Send a motivational quote or Bible scripture to your congregation’s cell weekly

  • Text a scripture or phrase you used in your sermon last Sunday to remind them of the message given.

Notify the congregation and staff immediately

  •             Schedule changes: Tuesday’s staff meeting has been canceled.
  •             Emergency notifications:  Due to bad storm conditions there will be no church services today.
  •             Alert: Missing child, Jesse White 7 years …

Notify congregation and staff of upcoming events

Timely notifications:  Staff meeting starts in one hour room 12.
Mark your calendar for this Saturday our annual Ice Cream Social starts at 4 P.M.

Reach your youth by speaking their language

The language of testing the: Among ages 15-24 year old – text messaging is the preferred form of communication.

  • Youth Group meets today 4:30. Bring a friend.

Get feedback from your congregation

Have a question for the congregation?
Send a text, ask for feedback, and gather in the responses:

  • “Have any suggestions for the children’s next field trip? reply to this text.”

Much Much More

No limit to what you can use text messaging for:

  • Happy birthday
  • Welcome to our congregation
  • Have a contest
  • Have a fundraiser
  • Share prayer
  • Have a need or Filling a need

You’re only limited by your imagination

 How It Works

Text messaging also known as SMS (Short Message Service) makes it easy to contact your members instantly. Text messaging is a permission-based communications.

The first time you start a text campaign you need the permission of your members.  (EIkon will show you how).

All you will need is a keyword and our six digit short-code.

Once you’ve reserved a keyword, ask congregation to text your designated keyword (say, “1STCHURCH””) to 555555It’s that easy to gather their number and consent. You only have to get their permission once and they will be automatically added to your database so you can text them over and over again. Be careful not to text them too much, they can just as easily opt out.

Spreading the Word:  Here are some effective ideas to get the word out about your new mobile text communication service.

Each ministry or religious organization is different. The how where and when you promote your text –


  • Daily Bible or inspirational quotes can keep your congregation inspired the whole week -not just on the Sabbath.
  • Think of using quotes related to the theme of upcoming or recent events to encourage reflection.

Announce it from the pulpit

  • Announce they can receive not only daily bible quotes but special information right on the phone.
  • This can be related to the week’s topic and announced at the beginning or end of the sermon it a great way to extend your message’s reach throughout the week.

Event Reminders and Schedule Changes

Using Eikon text message campaigns to tell about schedule changes or event reminders helps people to remember the event and will increase your attendance.

For best results, integrate these short message instructions (e.g. “Text ‘1STCHURCH’ to 555555 to receive event reminders by text message”) to all forms of advertising you do.

Here are just a few places a notice will be effective:

  • Sunday Service Program
  • At the Pulpit (verbally and a posted notice)
  • Bulletin Board
  • Community Calendar
  • Newsletters, Emails, and Website

Updates on Charitable Efforts

  • Text messages are an excellent way to inform your members about on-going philanthropic missions and programs.
  • Keeping the whole community actively involved is sure to encourage more donations and volunteers!
  • The best time to let the community know about this service is when people are giving donations.
  • The service will let people know where the money is going and inspire more members to give more.

Other ways to get the word out:

  • Announce about the texts during collection times.
  • Place a tasteful sign on the donation box with easy instructions.
  • Integrate instructions into any written requests for donations.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be instantly communicating to your congregation in no time!