Explosive Growth In Mobile Advertising

This chart compares the share of time Americans spend with selected media to the respective medium’s share of advertising expenditure, revealing that things may get worse for print publishers. Over the past decade, as consumers and advertisers turned to digital media, U.S. print publishers have suffered a precipitous decline of advertising revenues. Newspaper ad spending ..

Mobile Ad Spend to Rise Sharply

Digital advertising expenditure in the United States is predicted to reach $61 billion by 2017, as ad spending progressively shifts to mobile devices. Given the fact that an ever growing share of internet usage happens on mobile devices, it is no shock that advertising dollars have shifted to mobile also. According to a new forecast ..

Publishers Fighting For Survival

It’s been a rough decade for news magazines in the United States. Both advertising and circulation revenues sharply declined as a result of rising competition from online news and the severe financial crisis that hit the country in 2008. There has been a lot of discussion about the turmoil in the newspaper industry.  What’s often overlooked is ..