Business Intake Form for SEO or Local SEO

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Step 1

We custom design all of our SEO campaigns to provide just the right amount of service needed. To learn more and find out how much a campaign for your business will cost, simply fill out the form below and we will contact you. This information will allow us to determine whether your SEO needs are local, national or international in scope and enable us to conduct preliminary keyword research and a competitive analysis.

Before we can develop an effective SEO strategy, we will also need you to complete a more comprehensive questionnaire to verify the best strategy for your business. You may start filling out as soon as you submit this initial intake form.

  • Business Information

    Please answer the following questions about your business.
  • Describe monthly budget. Understand that first month set-up costs more than the ongoing. (Example: $1,250 max monthly)
  • If multiple addresses, start by putting first address here.
  • If so, we need to know as much about this as possible, including keywords targeted, specific pages targeted, plus any SEO or Analytics reports (such as Google Analytics) you have so that we can build on top of the good work done, and help offset any troublesome areas.
  • Because of the nature of local SEO, the search engines clearly state that they cannot guarantee that a business will be shown for searches outside of their physical address city. Further, they give preferential placement to businesses located in the same city as the search term.