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The New York Times states, “Mobile marketing is the most powerful media ever invented!” Simply stated, if you are not taking advantage of this media you’re seriously losing out!

There are numerous mobile marketing channels, and we specialize in pursuing the ones that perform optimally for our clients. We accomplish this through extensive experimentation.

Eikon tracks open rates and conversions, to determine the volume and cost of traffic for each campaign. We then target the right audience with your marketing message. Our expertise in organic mobile internet traffic generation drives the highest quantity of conversions for our clients at their budgeted acquisition cost.

Connect, Convert & Capitalize

connectConsumers are everywhere, so our focus is on delivering cross-channel solutions that provide a path to greater visibility. We accomplish this through integrated marketing communication, and consistent brand messaging across both traditional and emergent advertising mediums.

The Eikon Platform helps maximize return on ad spend by identifying high value audiences. Leveraging your existing customers will also help you attract new customers – without extra spending.

  • Bridge the gap between online and offline marketing
  • Deepen customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Trigger auto-responses based on customer actions
  • Predict customer behavior
  • Reduce customer attrition

Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

Mobile marketing is much more than just a new advertising medium. It is a pervasive, cost-effective way to augment the traditional advertising channels you already use.

The global smartphone audience is expected to surpass the 1.75 billion mark in 2014. Statistics show a staggering 91% of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach at all times. Reaching this captive audience is shockingly affordable and can be surprisingly effective when approached thoughtfully in conjunction with your other marketing initiatives. Engage your audience wherever they go.

More than ever before, gadget-savvy consumers today rely on their smart phones and tablet devices to consume content, make purchases and connect with others.

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Mobile Ad Spend, (Billions)

$1.5 (2011)
$4.1 (2012)
$7.9 (2013)
$11.33 Billion by 2014
$16.17 Billion by 2015
$21.53 Billion by 2016
$27.13 Billion by 2017
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