Mobile Video: the Future of Marketing

If you have used the Internet at all in the past few years, chances are you have watched an online video. Video is everywhere! Our friends post funny pet videos on our social media timelines. Our coworkers pass along inspirational messages about success. Our favorite brands showcase their products in clever and inventive ways. Nearly every site you visit these days has a video playing somewhere, and often automatically.

With the rise of mobile and video consumption, mobile video is now the fastest growing online format for promoting products and services as well as providing entertainment for all age groups. When used properly, this form of marketing generates conversions while providing an immersive customer experience that builds brand equity. In today’s media-driven world, mobile video marketing is a must! Not only does it speak to more than 90% of online viewers, it effectively engages a specific message to them.

Why Mobile Video Marketing is Now Mandatory

Video is an influential promotional, educational and communications medium and critically important in achieving marketing and sales goals, no matter the size of your company or the demographic of your audience. In addition, there is a priority being placed on video content that is optimized for mobile users. According to research by eMarketer, nearly 24 million U.S. consumers with a smartphone watch video content on their devices each month, and it is estimated that by 2016, that figure will skyrocket to over 110 million. Additionally, more and more consumers are only utilizing smartphones to access the web, foregoing the “dated” use of laptops and personal computers.

  • More and more users are consuming their video entertainment online
  • Video can be used to effectively engage social media audiences
  • Barriers to entry are low
  • Quality is expanding quickly
  • There are plenty of cost effective avenues for dissemination

Visual Engagement

Even if your website is beautifully composed with text descriptions and information about your company, this may not translate well on a smartphone given the smaller screen. Video content, however, is organically optimized for the mobile experience, as it is automatically sized to fit mobile device screens. Because more and more users are utilizing their smartphones as the only vehicle by which they access the Internet, it is incredibly important for businesses to adopt video content in order to effectively reach and engage consumers quickly.

The need for short, well-scripted and relevant video with quality content is critical. Eikon’s Creative Team understands this, and we can help you connect with your online audience — regardless of whether you want to precisely target a small group, or reach millions of consumers. So what are you waiting for? Let us help you create compelling videos that get found and convert.

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