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If you really want to be successful in business, then you need to be online! In today’s world it’s your web site that will most likely be the first point of contact to you and your business. We specialize in responsive WordPress and mobile website design. A professional, modern, and clean website is essential for success online. We will work with you to ensure your first impression WOWS and keeps site visitor’s coming back for more.

Our Simple Process

how_workHow do we do it? This simple formula… Your expertise about your business + our expertise in marketing, web design and development = an attractive and engaging experience your customers will love.

Our first course of action is to learn everything we can about your business and industry—what makes it unique, unusual, and quirky. We learn your business objectives and determine how the web and SMS mobile marketing can fit into your overall marketing efforts. We listen, actually listen to what you want to achieve from your website. We involve you in the process because we believe that the best results are driven by the client. This listening is crucial. It guarantees that our efforts remain aligned with your goals.

What To Expect


Once we are clear about our direction, we’ll establish communication protocols, roles, responsibilities, set milestones, timelines, prioritize needs and define deliverables and scope. We involve you in the process, every step of the way. Nothing happens without your knowledge and approval. We will analyze content; writing style, visual design, and interface design, and make sure we understand everything there is to know about your industry. Our analysis will help us understand where your business has been, where it is today, and what your plans are for the future.

This analysis will serve as a blueprint going forward and aide us in tailoring a solution that is effective and sustainable. We will also take time to really understand your brand by analyzing past and present marketing materials, discussing future marketing strategies, and aligning them with your web project.

  1. Design Brief
  2. Initial Meeting
  3. Market Research
  4. Competitor Analysis
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Brand Principles
  7. Audience Identification
  8. Marketing Strategy


From the knowledge gained from our discovery discussions, we’ll audit existing content both quantitatively and qualitatively. What exists on your current site? And, more importantly, is it doing what you need it to? We’ll create a sitemap for your project and show where everything belongs. This process will inform what and how we communicate, and establish the features your users need. Well-planned, well-structured content will help us create both the interaction and visual design systems.

Initial Round of Design:
Here’s where we get to express to you in design and copy what you expressed to us, and where you provide us with feedback. We make adjustments until we arrive at a final design that you are happy with. Sometimes our designers hit the nail on the head at the first strike, but normally we go through various stages of revisions and tweaks.

Final Round of Design:
A revised layout is presented with the agreed upon changes and with your final blessing we move into the website development phase.

  1. Sitemap
  2. Wireframe
  3. Graphical Mockup
  4. Calls to Action
  5. Brand Identity
  6. Design Review


With functionality fully documented, it’s time to take your approved design and build a interactive and visual website ready for testing. Throughout an iterative process between our team and yours, we’ll make all the big decisions about typographic hierarchy, vertical rhythm, and interface details. We’ll make sure all content is governed by CSS and meets W3C standards. We’ll also adhere to best practices for online readability.

  1. Site Production
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Content Management System (CMS) Setup
  4. Database Setup
  5. Website Testing

Quality Assurance & Troubleshooting:
Does the site display correctly on multiple browsers and on multiple devices? Is integrated mobile commerce functioning as it should? Is Jane’s last name spelled correctly? All these and many more issues are tested, retested and improved. We aren’t done until we ensure that all project requirements are met and you are satisfied.


Once everything is in place, we launch and promote your site. We are experts in search marketing, social advertising, driving website traffic and enhancing customer engagement, retention and loyalty with emerging mobile trends.

  • Search Indexing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Page Optimization
  • Email & SMS Campaigns
  • Keyword Research
  • Social Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Need a Website Redesign?

You only have one chance to make a great first impression. It’s critical today to have a professional, eye-catching and effective mobile website. The fact is if you aren’t optimized for mobile you’re ultimately losing sales. Research shows that 57 percent of mobile users will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and 30% will abandon a purchase transaction if their experience isn’t optimized for mobile devices.

We specialize in responsive and mobile websites that are user-friendly, functional, content-driven and easy to update. Redefine your brand, better engage your audience and imagine the possibilities. Let us help!

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is know by a few different names. You may hear it referred to as receptive, or adaptive design. These terms all refer to the way your website looks on different size screens.

It specifies that the website responds to something. In this case, it reacts to the screen by adapting size and orientation in order to improve the user’s experience and usability.


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