Targeted Email Marketing (Still) Works

As social has risen, so have many people’s assumptions that email as a marketing tool doesn’t work anymore, but this is actually far from the case. A recent study from DMA reported that 75.8% of marketers are using more promotional emails to market their business than they were just three years prior. In fact, Forrester Research predicts that “email marketing spending will balloon to $2 billion in 2014 with retention email, services, and ad-sponsored acquisition newsletters all representing a bright spot.”

The fact is that new innovations will continue to flood the world of online marketing. The trick lies in knowing which “new” products are best for your business and which “old” tactics can still prove to be effective for your business.

Why It Still Works

In many cases, this is because the consumer has opted-in, so they are receiving email that they actually want, rather than stumbling across it on a social network. While social and mobile engagement does of course have its uses, a marketing plan without email is an incomplete one, capture your audience’s attention where the live and let them decide how they wish to be contacted.

Email Lists and Repeat Business

Have you ever seen a website without some form of call-to-action that can help build an email newsletter list? From simple boxes inviting users to sign up for a newsletter, to complex forms for downloading reports and articles, all exist for a reason.

This is to build up a list. Moreover, existing customers are easier to sell to than new ones, so delivering engaging email on a regular basis to these with great offers and content has it place and is just another means of delivering content. Email also provides more space than text messaging and allowing you to deliver more information.

By combining email with SMS text messaging you can further your list building efforts, enhance sales and traffic, and familiarise recipients with your brand all of which helps in keeping your brand in mind. Of course, this means that the mail you deliver has to provide value to the user in some form, whether that be a special offer, discount codes or useful content.

Email is also a cheap form of marketing, without the need for postage and extra staff. It’s also a great way to connect with overseas customers, giving you the chance to further expand operations abroad.


Mobile-Optimized Email Marketing

More people than ever before are checking email via their mobile device. In fact, more than 43% of email is now opened on a mobile device, according to the March 2013 Litmus report “Email Analytics.” Mobile-friendly versions of your emails aren’t just an option, they’re a must. When considering mobile marketing you need to keep in mind two things: simple and short. Why? Consumers are unlikely to read a long email on their mobile devices. To be effective, you’ll have to adapt your strategy. With the rise of mobile, people are starting to see the relevance and importance of location in new ways. New ways of identifying and defining audiences, new forms of targeting those audiences and new ways of measuring the efficacy of that targeting are all developing with geo-targeting at the center.

One thing that social has taught us is that people like marketing communications to be friendly and if possible, personal. It may seem like a huge task to personalise email according to what customers have bought in the past, however, that’s a useful strategy and we can help you do just that.

A solid database can perform all sorts of functions and by targeting your customer so precisely, can really boost sales and traffic. If you’ve ever purchased something from Amazon and joined their subscription offers you know what I mean. Have you ever received email from a retail giant suggesting what books or movies you might like?

This is an area of email marketing that is really coming of age right now, so it’s worth looking into and implementing.

It’s vital to target your email audience specifically, and with engaging content, the better you know your audience interests, the lower your unsubscribe rates and email being marked as spam you will have.

Effective email marketing depends on knowing who you are addressing and with this in mind, it’s useful to segment your database. Creating segmented groups, such as people who have bought products and those who have signed up for the newsletter.

This will allow you to better target your audience, as someone who has bought from you before might be interested in free delivery, while those who haven’t would benefit from a discount or promotional offer.

Effective Email Marketing

email-exampleIn addition, a successful email marketing campaign should give the customers what they want. This may be differ from what your company wants so it’s important to develop demographics and conduct analysis in order to discover what best to deliver to your customers and when.

This boils down to keeping track of responses to all of your marketing efforts to find out what works and what doesn’t. Determine how your customers use your site, is it strictly for ordering products or does your blog receive a good amount of traffic too?

Ask yourself what value your customers are likely to get from your email. Do they really need to know that you’ve just taken on a new member of staff, for example? As far as services go, this could be something that they’re very interested in, especially if you’re a local company.

Whatever the case, the better you know you target audience, monitoring social channels for feedback and measuring the response you have had from previous campaigns is a must. If you can’t measure it you will never know the value of the message delivered.

The Nuts and Bolts of Email Marketing

The first step is to create a an attention grabbing subject line. It’s critical that your email is quickly identified as coming from a trusted source, so your form fields must be setup properly.

Subject lines should be and deliver the following:

  • Usefulness
  • Urgency – does it entice the reader to open immediately?
  • Be specific, keeping language succinct and relevant to the content
  • Compelling – make sure it’s easy to grasp at a glance and drives some form of action

Email marketing is a cost-effective way of reaching a highly targeted audience which isn’t possible using social media. This is because you don’t generally have the opportunity to communicate one-on-one when it comes to social, so the marketing message is diluted.

Building up a list will help to drive sales and gives you the opportunity to connect with customers on a different level. With the help of a decent CMS, it’s possible to further personalize the process in order to target different groups. This is something that just isn’t possible with social media.

Email marketing is not dying, nor is it used less as other marketing channels have opened up. If anything, it’s evolving to keep up with what consumers expect and allowing for even better targeting.

Every business needs an email marketing campaign. Social has its uses for digital marketing and I’m certainly not saying it shouldn’t be used, like email marketing, to dismiss social is a form of marketing suicide.

Email is personal. Now email marketing can be, too. With mobile-ready emails and automated campaigns, your readers get a great-looking email right when they’re ready to act. Let us help you create the kind of email people just can’t ignore.

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