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mobile-platformThe Eikon Full-Featured Mobile Marketing Platform is the technological foundation of all our services. It is the engine driving a cohesive and enjoyable experience for your customers. The Eikon Platform consists of tightly woven components that work together to boost consumer acquisition and retention.

Eikon’s Mobile Toolbox — combines interactive features to help you better connect with your audience, by coupling engagement with real-time actionable Mobile Analytics. Measurement is the Holy Grail for marketers who are fanatical about interfacing with a gadget-savvy target audience. We have made it easy and affordable for small businesses to take advantage of the most powerful marketing tools once reserved only for large corporations.


Integration Layers

Eikon provides Social Media and Email Integration with the top five email marketing platforms giving your mobile marketing campaigns incredible reach and VIRAL potential.


Mobile Web Tools

Eikon’s integrated approach, utilizing mobile optimized websites that run like apps, requires nothing to be downloaded or installed. Customers can use a familiar SMS interface to launch your mobile friendly website!


Mobile Analytics

Eikon’s Mobile Analytics provides the answers and insights you need to improve your business. Additionally we integrate with Google Analytics. “Your customers go everywhere; shouldn’t your analytics?” — we think so!


Developer APIs

Eikon’s powerful, 2 Way APIs enable you to control your account and campaigns from remote applications. We are constantly improving our platform, and have the expertise to develop custom API’s that suit your specific business needs.

Comprehensive Marketing Solutions

Eikon’s comprehensive mobile marketing strategies go well beyond simply providing bulk SMS text messaging service plans. Our data-driven approach to customer retention, conversion, and lifetime value is driven by the Eikon Platform and our advertising know how. We’ve partnered with best-in-class third parties to provide integrations, tools and resources to help you grow a thriving business.

Access all the tools and features included in Eikon’s Mobile Toolbox using your cell phone or other internet-connected device, from anywhere on the go! This includes the ability create, edit, measure and monitor your campaigns in real-time from Eikon’s Advertiser Dashboard.

  • Historical data for ad targeting
  • Convert and monetize more traffic
  • Real-time analytics

All components are tightly integrated and work together cohesively to deliver superior user acquisition results, marketing ROI, and mobile marketing simplicity.

Eikon’s platform is the industry’s most complete and integrated system today. It is scalable to meet the volume and speed requirements of any advertiser/promoter/marketer. Eikon was built using cutting-edge technologies and architecture.

We host two parallel server farms at the same time in order to maintain high-level performance with optimal server availability and redundancy. Our IT department provides new software updates weekly.

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