Group Texting

Traditional advertising channels print, radio, and television aren’t as effective as they once were. To keep your marketing message in front of your audience requires new technology and the ability to reach them more effectively. In this fast paced world time means money and it’s important to keep your message in front of your audience.

Mobile Keywords

A mobile keyword is a unique, identifying word (or character set) that lets you interact with your customers through text messaging. When someone SMS texts a keyword to your short-code number (a.k.a. short number) a special telephone number, significantly shorter than a full telephone number, their mobile phone number will be automatically added to your database of opt-in contacts.


Customers love sweepstakes because they get chance to win something for free. Mobile text-to-win contests are easy to enter providing immediate feedback, typically resulting in higher entry rates over other promotional mediums because people participate in a way that is most convenient for them.

Mobile Surveys

One of the best ways to better serve your customers is by getting their feedback. Use our Questionnaire and Poll tool to gather Yes/No, True/False, Confirm/Reject, or Attend/Miss type answers, and get direct response feedback on decisions which affect your business! Polls are easy to create and your customers will enjoy participating.

Mobile Coupons

You already know that your customers love free (or discounted) services. What you may not realize is how easy it has become to give them the deals that keep them coming back! Generate instant foot traffic and more sales, while your customers enjoy the convenience and ease of mobile coupons.

QR Codes

If you’re not yet familiar with Quick Response Codes (QR Codes), they’re similar to the barcodes used by retailers to track inventory and price products at the point of sale. The primary difference between the two is the amount of data they can hold or share.

URL Shortening

URL shortening (a.k.a. URL redirection) is forwarding service allowing anyone to take any existing URL and shorten it.

Mobile Analytics

In today’s fast paced digital world, mobile marketing is the most efficient advertising medium and the best way to reach your customers where they live — online.

Web Forms

Easily create basic web forms to capture additional information from your customers when they subscribe to your opt-in list online. Let Eikon Mobile customize the information subscribers see, so that every part of their experience is suited to your needs and brand! We can add images, drop‑down boxes, radio buttons, and collect information in custom fields.


Connecting with your existing and potential customers is key to a successful campaign. Multi-channel Marketing Automation. Using Eikon Mobile’s toolbox you can measure and automate across channels and send your message immediately or at a designated time. With tools like Scheduled Tasks, and Auto Responders you can keep you audience constantly engaged on the go! Current as well as new opt-ins will receive staggered messages automatically with special offers, keeping your business in the forefront of their mind. That’s the beauty of our automated marketing tools!

MObile Toolbox

SMS Mobile Marketing Toolbox

Virtual Business Cards

Has the paper business card lost its significance — and utility? How many business cards have you collected that will never again see the light of day?

Auto Responders

Eikon’s Auto Responders tool is similar to email autoresponder allowing you to send an automated response via SMS text messaging. Used in conjunction with Eikon’s Profile Grabber, you can easily collect additional data and personalize future mobile marketing campaigns with your customer or prospects first name.

2 Way APIs

Eikon’s powerful, 2 Way APIs enable us to create integrated control of your accounts and campaigns from remote applications. The APIs are simple and straightforward HTTP posts, conduct various programming functions such as building opt-in forms, creating an advertiser, white label reseller or check keyword availability. We are constantly improving our platform, and willing to build custom API’s for existing applications to suit our clients needs.

Profile Grabber

Eikon’s Profile Grabber feature collects additional data from your customers and prospects as they opt-in to your subscription lists. Our system relays a short series of questions in a conversational format prompting the user to reply with their full name, zip code, and email address. Future SMS text messaging campaigns can include your customer or prospects first name to increase open rates and increase sales!

Email Integration

Eikon’s Email Integration tool allows you to connect to the web services you already use, sync your data, and get reports on how your mobile marketing campaigns are impacting your business.

Two-way Messaging

Two-way Messaging involves sending a message to a shortcode and receiving a reply back. For instance, when a customer or prospect texts INFO to your shortcode and receives a reply back with requested information.


What is Text to Screen Messaging ?

Text to Screen Messaging is a dynamic interactive method of engaging your audience at live events. It captivates your audience and makes them come back for more. This media tool gives your participants the opportunity to send a personal message to a KEYWORD via a short code from their mobile device and have it displayed on a big screen for everyone to see. You can find out instantly what your customers want and give them a voice.

Birthday Wishes

Everyone likes to be remembered on their birthday…it’s a simple task that is often overlooked by people who are in business. When you engage your customers with a birthday wish you not only keep in touch but you are reminding them how important they are. Show your clients you care with a gift on their special day. Add a coupon that can be included in your birthday message and nurture their loyalty with your kind gesture.


Texting has become the preferred medium of communication for adults, and is growing rapidly as the choice for all generations worldwide. It is not surprising that it has become a vital marketing tool for many businesses.

Website Builder

With the growth and sophistication of the new generation of smartphones, it is crucial to have mobile -optimized website. Mobile internet usage has been doubling year after year as the mobile device industry has made these devices more affordable. By not having a mobile website your ability to reach to reach millions of mobile users is limited. If you have an existing website, then making it mobile-friendly guarantees your web presence is readily accessible to mobile users around the globe.

Loyalty Program

Its no secret that loyalty cards have always been a popular customer rewards tool. The problem is customers often misplace or lose them. Why not benefit from the latest technology in customer loyalty programs by rewarding your patrons with virtual punch cards accessible from their mobile device.

Social Media

Social media is everywhere, research shows that social media use has become a regular habit for 75% of the online population. The influence of social media is used in making buying decisions, to stay in touch with friends and family, and to develop new relationships — both personal and professional.

Kiosk Builder

Eikon’s Kiosk Builder tool, is versatile means for turning any iPad or Android tablet into an instant customer Kiosk. Perfect for events, mobile lead capture, respondent driven surveys, and even lobby style check-in, customize your Kiosk to your brand with ease. The Kiosk interface is easy to use, and your customers will require little, if any, instruction.


Does your business rely on appointments with clients, customers or patients? If so, then you know the costs of missed appointments. No-shows waste valuable time and adversely affect your bottom line.

For Sale Listings

Eikon’s For Sale Listings tool brings SMS messaging to the forefront in marketing just about anything. Whether it is houses, automobiles or other items, you now have a way to increase exposure to prospective buyers in your area.

Mobile Donations

91% of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach 24/7. If your organization is one whose life’s blood depends on the generosity of others, mobile technology can improve your fundraising results. Engage your supporters directly with SMS messaging and boost fundraising participation immediately!

Scheduled Tasks

Increase your productivity with Eikon’s easy-to-use platform and engage your customers with SMS messaging at pre-scheduled times when it’s most likely that they will respond. Eikon’s scheduling features are so user-friendly, it brings new relevance to the cliché “never put off until tomorrow what you can easily do today”!