Mobile business card, sales tool,
and so much more.

What if you had a way to send contact information, social media links, and even YouTube videos directly to a person’s cell phone or import critical contact information with the push of a button? Introducing the Txtwire mCard! A game-changing multimedia tool to help you find, develop, and enrich business relationships.



Like any good business card worth it’s salt, the Txtwire mCard gives users the option of putting a more personal touch on the process of exchanging information. Choose images, taglines, a background color, videos, and social media links to make your mCard unique and memorable.


Images and Background

The Txtwire dashboard supplies you with several different options for including images and color on your mCard. You choose the background color, header image, and profile portrait.


Videos and Custom Buttons

Upload and feature videos such as: corporate advertisements, training videos, product demonstrations, or even special announcements. Switch your videos out at anytime. Custom buttons allow you to add as many images or videos as you want.


Social Media Links

Maintaining a strong social media presence is an essential part of finding success in the modern business world. You also have the option of enabling your mCard to be “liked” and “shared.” Link your mCard to your social media platforms such as:

Message Consistency

Even with so many communication methods available to modern businesses, sometimes the message can still get muddled. Texting, calling, E-mail, instant messaging, and even in-person meetings can all have their limitations. What if there was a way to avoid the game of office “telephone” completely and ensure that your vision and message is presented with clarity and confidence? Because the mCard allows you to upload rich content alongside your contact information, you can make sure that your first impression will be a lasting one.