Mobile Marketing for Sports

Promoting Events with Mobile Engagements

Demand for mobile solutions is heating up and those business owners who do not take action and will be crushed by their competitors who did. Join with your customers. They will be texting while sitting in your stands, texting in the line to get in, and even if they are not in use over 95% of them will have a cell phone with them. Everyone watching in TV or listening on the radio can participate in your SMS campaigns. The beauty of SMS or mobile marketing is that a company can literally communicate with a customer in real time. Engage your fans by allowing them to become an active part of your event through interactive trivia, contests & other opt-in programs.

• Enhance your guests experience with interaction
• Reach your audience while the show is in progress
• Capture live data from your audience
• Push merchandise and ticket sales
• Real time, accurate data collection
• Instant communication reach to guests
• Direct, low-cost marketing
• Increase event attendance
• Useful tool for event, away game and group coordination
• Geographical and demographical user info
• Database for effective follow-ups and future marketing
• Create fundraising and donation opportunities

Combine Mobile with ALL promotional material for the event:
Lower the cost of your overall marketing budget and increase and track the results of all of your marketing efforts by adding mobile marketing to all of your promotional material.

• See all the details and register for season tickets now by texting “RIVERCATS” to 55555
• See video from last year’s Championship on your phone, TEXT “RIVERCATS1” to 55555
• Game Day Details on your phone, TEXT “RIVERCATS2” to 55555

• High value impressions
• Capture live guest data for marketing & database growth
• Effective way to reach guests while event is in progress
• Interactive real-time marketing opportunities
• Provide Coupons and promotions
– Mobile coupons have a 10x higher redemption rate than print coupons!
• Geographical and demographical user info


Update: Team B VS Team A
has been changed to Field 3
@ 10:30 AM

ABC Restaurant – Lunch Special
Show text

Event Alert:
Booster Bus leaves for the
Venue at 2:15PM. Be in the
lobby by 2:00PM for loading!



Emergency Alerts
– Text security alerts, weather alerts, or construction alerts etc
Game Tournament/Event Coordination
– Bus leaving alerts, Pre-game activities, Schedule change alerts
Upcoming Event Reminders
– Sports, luncheons, charity events, fundraisers etc
Game Day Notifications
– Text game scores, stats, standings etc

Customers today much prefer to receive information electronically by text or email. The idea behind Eikon mobile text campaigns is to rapidly build your database, adding new customers and fans while keeping your loyal customers coming back game after game, season after season, year after year.

The cell phone has become the number ONE way to communicate and that’s why you need Eikon SMS Mobile Marketing to gain the competitive edge.