Mobile Marketing for Retail

 Here is the problem for most retail business owners; there are only three ways to increase revenue – get your customers to spend more money, get more customers, or raise prices. Advertising campaigns are time consuming and expensive. The best way for Retail Stores to reach their customers is through SMS text message marketing.

Eikion’s solution is simple: with text message marketing you can increase customer loyalty, drive customer traffic on demand, and make more revenue. And the best part, do it more cost effectively.

Retail businesses can now reach their customers in seconds!

No more worrying if someone saw your print and internet advertising, opened your email or caught your radio and TV spots. You can instantly send a text message, a coupon, a video – virtually any type of message- directly to their mobile phone, which they always carry and is pretty much guaranteed that it will be read.

With our mobile marketing platform, you can design targeted campaigns that are delivered immediately, without waiting on a printer. Your promotion ideas can quickly become reality with same day results.

And best of all, our software is easy to use, which allows you to create powerful, innovative marketing strategies in a very cost effective way. Design your own Interactive Mobile Advertising Campaigns. Create hundreds of two-way campaigns to grab your customer’s attention, get them involved, interacting, and buying. 

Retail Owner Benefits:

  • People carry their phones with them constantly
  • Your messages are delivered instantly
  • Mobile loyalty programs encourage repeat business
  • Text messages easily shared with your customers friends and family, creating a VIRAL effect
  • You can easily measure your results
  • Eikon mobile’s text messaging is extremely cost effective

The mobilized shopper of today is impacting merchants, retailers and other businesses in ways never seen before. The smart phone is a permanent companion in our daily lives. Retail businesses are in a great position to benefit from mobile marketing.

As a business owner, you need to budget your time to do everything necessary to run your business. And the first priority is to get clients. Otherwise, nothing else matters.

Don’t get left behind by your competition. Mobilize your business now. Let eikon show you how mobile solutions can grow your business.