Mobile Marketing for Media

We live in a connected world…

Mobile Marketing in a Connected World

Television, radio, magazines, and newspapers, make up what is collectively known as “the media industry.  The long term opportunities from building a mobile database is considerable, a detailed customer database is incredibly valuable to advertisers for targeted mobile offers.

It is essential for these industries to constantly engage their audience. Be it television, radio, magazine or newspaper, text relevant weather alerts, breaking stories, sports news, show times – any targeted campaign you want delivered instantly. By adding mobile campaigns into your marketing mix, you strengthen the relationship between listeners, readers and viewers, and boost ratings and readership by involving the audience with interactive mobile marketing promotions.

The Newest Channel–Are You Tuned In?


Television Radio Print
  • Engage with your viewers in real time before, after and during programs
  • Increase time spent listening
  • Increase sales
  • Increase viewing hours
  • Help advertisers reach their targets
  • Engage with your customers in real time
  • voting and text to screen
  • Increase revenue opportunities
  • Build a database for ongoing marketing communications
  • Increase viewer participation with programs through text
  • Engage your audience through quick and easy two way communication
  • Promote the latest issue and interesting articles to stimulate interest and drive sales
  • Gain valuable feedback on programming
  • Allow your audience to send instant feedback, song requests, shout outs and more via text
  • Keep in contact with subscribers
  • Build a database for ongoing marketing communications
  • Build your listeners database by age, demographic, favorite music, genre etc
  • Create a loyalty program for regular customers
  • Collect data on viewer demographics through mobile interaction
  • Learn more about your P1’s and be able to text message them with personal and relevant alerts
  • Drive customers to your website
  • Create a text club for viewers to receive additional news and content related to programs
  • Create listener loyalty through mobile clubs and text alerts
  • Drive viewers to your website
  • Drive listeners to your website

You will be miles ahead of your competition using our detailed reports to provide your clients with valuable data that shows the effectiveness of their ads. Now you can offer advertisers new solutions and the ability to drive new customer sales with a small investment. With Eikon mobile, you combine the power of print, audio and video into one platform.

Today’s mobilized shopper is impacting the media industry in ways never seen before. With our mobile marketing platform, you can design targeted campaigns that are delivered immediately. Your promotion ideas can quickly become reality with what the media industry already demands from you – instant results. Interactive real time mobile marketing should be an essential part of your marketing plan.


Don’t get left behind by your competition. Mobilize now.

Let Eikon show you how mobile solutions can grow your business.