Mobile Marketing for Healthcare

According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Health Research Institute, “Mobile technology holds great promise for keeping people healthy, managing diseases and lowering healthcare costs.”

SMS Mobile Marketing: the Provider / Patient Connection

Text messaging can be immensely beneficial to the entire healthcare industry – doctors, dentists, chiropractors, home care givers, and almost all other health care providers you can name. Communication between the provider and the patient is what the healthcare industry needs to get better at. When it‘s an emergency that can’t wait until the next appointment, mobile marketing featuring SMS texting has proven to be a lifesaver.

For example:

  • Monitor patients with serious conditions
  • Alert patients of test results immediately
  • Monitor blood sugar
  • Schedule follow up appointments

Something as simple as text messaging can prevent serious complications and visits to the emergency room.

Text messaging is far more effective and less costly than traditional methods of communicating with patients. Additionally you can instantly communicate with your database through Text Blast Campaigns. These could be: Your latest health tips, discount on teeth whitening, new patient incentive programs, vaccine/flu notifications, appointment openings, any relevant time sensitive news or information.

How YOU take advantage of this new technology in the healthcare industry

Your practice is seen to use leading-edge technology. Companies using the latest technology tend to leave a very positive impression. This is particularly important in the healthcare industry. By mobilizing your practice with eikon mobile SMS text messaging as your core you make patients happy, keep your staff productive, and you will watch your profits grow healthy.

The tide has shifted in favor of the informed mobilized consumer who absolutely expects to find what they are looking for when they want it. And they also expect it to be a positive and smooth experience. The mobilized shopper of today is impacting the healthcare industry in ways never seen before… Let eikon mobile show innovative marketing strategies for the healthcare industry that you can implement in a very cost effective way.