Mobile Marketing for Entertainment

Technology has evolved at such a rapid rate, that millions of people now walk around with the Internet in their pocket. The entertainment industry has had to adapt to this cultural change.

The Entertainment Industry encompasses a wide range of venues.

Go into any entertainment venue anywhere and you will see people texting away on their cell phones. Look around your club or bar room on any night of the week and you will see people texting away on their cell phones. We can’t go anywhere or do anything without them. 

The entertainment industry and texting together have a special opportunity. If you’re a concert promoter, a nightclub owner, or an independent musician, you have access to a captive audience on a regular basis. Eikon’s mobile messaging platform allows you to communicate with your customers instantly and to capture their mobile phone numbers for future marketing campaigns.

  • The band tells the audience to text “THEBAND” to 55555 and they will receive 25% off T-shirts and other memorabilia. The band now has captured the mobile number of everyone who texted back for future promotion.
  • A concert promoter sees that ticket sales for a future event aren’t going as expected, so he blasts a text message to the audience reminding them of the up-coming event with special discounts for early ticket purchases.
  • Get your DJ to invite everyone to join your VIP Club. In return they will get a 2 for 1 drink special on their smart phone that they can use by showing their phone to the bartender or server.

As an owner of a nightlife business, you want to make your venue stand out from other competitors in your local area. Attracting as many people as possible is vital to a successful bar or club. Eikons mobile marketing system makes it quick and easy to do!

Just think of how sending text messages can be used to promote:

  • upcoming events
  • promote featured musicians
  • promote your nightclub
  • sell or give away merchandise like CD’s, tickets, and clothing.
  • Inform your fans where your band is playing next.

Market your bar or club to show customers that your place is the best destination to be! Be sure to add our widget registration form to your website, Facebook page and all your social media sites. Now all your fans can invite their friends to your location or event.

Create your custom keyword specific to your restaurant, bar, or club. Customers can text the keyword to 55555 to opt-in to your business to receive messages featuring promotions, deals, featured guests and specials!

Your competitors are beginning to use texting, and if you don’t you’ll soon find yourself playing catch-up. Our services give you a very cost-effective way to get on board with this rapidly growing technology that easily combines the entertainment industry and texting

The best way for Bars and Clubs to reach their customers is through SMS text message marketing. No other form of advertising will give you a higher or more immediate return on investment. Let eikon Mobile Marketing show you how SMS text message marketing can grow your business.