Increase Social Media ROI with Customer Review Posts

In recent years small businesses have exploded onto social media following the foot steps of popular brands with tales of viral success, fiercely clinging to the promises of low cost, high reward, can’t lose marketing. Surveys are done and businesses of all sizes are planning to increase spending on social media. Why? Because customers are using social media not only to connect with people, but to also connect with businesses like yours.

Following in the footsteps of big business and hoping for the same success, you’re probably dedicating more time to social media than you planned and not seeing the results you want. Or you’ve put off social media because you don’t believe it’s worth the return on investment… if you ever did learn what to do or where to start. Even big business is frustrated with the ROI on social media as 67% of the Inc. 500 use Twitter, and they find it valuable for content marketing and customer service, but also feel it is labor-intensive. Somewhere in the muddled and every changing rules to small business social media success there is a sweet spot. A place of healthy social media ROI where you’ve decided what your goal is with using social media, how you are going to measure that, and if you are getting a sufficient return on your investment of time and resources from your social media planning and strategy.

Your competitors are on social media and that has you looking at the huge potential for social media marketing. Are they poaching your social media conversions and building loyalty in your social media space? Space you should be occupying to increase leads and sales?

What is Your Social Media ROI?

Many small businesses are at loss to understand how to achieve an impactful social media ROI. Part of the problem is not knowing or being able to measure the metrics you hope to impact with your social media efforts. Social networking, no matter how engaging, is rarely the best tool for direct sales but it is good at accomplishing a lot of your other business development goals with less investment and less work than traditional methods of marketing and advertising.

Impactful returns on investment with social media can include:

  • Increased brand recognition
  • Content creation & better search engine ranking
  • More customer touches
  • More website traffic
  • More in-store traffic
  • More direct sales
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Improved loyalty with customers
  • Higher authority/expert status
  • Improved customer experience/support

Another obstacle some face is creating or curating what to post and knowing how often to post. The first step is to realize you can invest minimal time and effort to create your profiles and put a simple schedule in place for posting to establish your social media presence. Then you can create a path to learn-as-you-go and grow your social media efforts at your pace. As far as what to post, there are many options and you should build your social media calendar around the most convenient and cost effective post content you can find. Social media users follow businesses for insight, deals, or entertainment. Give them what they want and create multipurpose content for your website that you can repurpose with post links that make people click through to your website. Start with link posts such as blog updates, customer reviews, industry news, photos, videos, sales/coupons and contests/promotions.

Increasing your Social Media ROI with Automation

A surefire way to raise your social media ROI is to automate many of the tasks associated with maintaining and growing your social media presence. The social media world is fast-paced and has a very short memory. Consistency is key with your profile postings and interactions if you want to keep your audience engaged. If there is a faster and more efficient way to do things, you need to capitalize on those tools – lowering the time you spend on your social networks, but increasing your return on investment.

There are probably dozens of systems and tools that go into successfully managing the day to day tasks of your business and many of the best applications know the importance of social media. You are already using tools that are capable of automating posting and messaging, to and from, your social media profiles. For example, you can use an automated customer feedback tool like My Reputation to automatically and consistently gather five-star reviews and post your best reviews to your website and the popular customer review sites.

Besides managing your customer reviews and feedback, My Reputation can also automatically post these five-star reviews to your social media profiles on the major networks. Now those reviews are not only part of your social profile feed seen by your connections, friends and followers, but they are also part of your timeline. If prospects search your social media networks for your products/services by your business name or your locality they will see these five-star reviews. Additionally when people do online research on your business name, your social media profiles are usually part of the top results. Those prospects who discover your social media profiles can also travel back as far as they want in your posts stream and see not only the smart content you’ve posted but real reviews, by real people who think everything your business does is awesome.

That is the social collateral that that buyers are looking for when they come to the end of their buying cycle. They’ve done their research, your service or product clearly meets my minimum standards, but they don’t know if anybody likes it or hates it? When they see five-star reviews consistently posted on your social media pages, they’ll know that not only do people like it… they love it!

Call it ‘street cred’ or ‘word of mouth’, but what this automated review posting does is maintain a voice of approval on your social media profiles that buyers listen to. People tend to make buying decisions based on emotion more than logic, so you want to make them feel good about your business. Automated customer review posting creates five-star review post without you lifting a finger. Which means you are getting more done, with less effort and raising your social media ROI.

To make your life easier look for business tools with integrated social media functions like My Reputation so you can automatically share you most recent reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. With innovative controls you can determine which reviews to share, how often to share them, and the maximum number of shares per day. You can even manually push through a review for immediate posting from your My Reputation dashboard if you just can’t wait for everyone to know. Attractive posts with bright, bold images means they grab the attention of social media users and more people are seeing and reading your top-notch customer feedback.

Posting customer reviews on your social media profiles is also an inexpensive content tool that separates you from even the most tech savvy competitors. With a simple, self-made and self-promoted social profile you can post the information that people care about while your competitors are A/B testing interactive banners and hologram headshots (those don’t exists yet but you read it here first). Just stay focused on getting the best social media ROI and letting prospects know how much your product or service is loved. Now you’ve set the standard, and your competitors will have to play catch up to measure up to the five-star reviews leads, prospects and customers have already seen on your social media profiles.

Let My Reputation help increase your Social Media ROI with automated customer review and feedback posting. Find out more here and contact us at or (801) 256-6779.