Mobile Website Builder

With the growth and sophistication of the new generation of smartphones, it is crucial to have mobile -optimized website. Mobile internet usage has been doubling year after year as the mobile device industry has made these devices more affordable.  By not having a mobile website your ability to reach to reach millions of mobile users is limited.  If you have an existing website, then making it mobile-friendly  guarantees your web presence is readily accessible to mobile users around the globe.

If you want to expand your business and do not have a mobile website , then the time to start constructing one is today. The process of building a one does not have to be complicated. The idea is to keep it simple and functional for your customers. That is why Eikon has created a user friendly mobile website builder feature.

With this platform tool, Eikon has the way to elevate your marketing and make it truly MOBILE.  With your mobile website you have the ability to link as many pages as you want.  In addition it can be integrated with social media and Google analytics.

It is simple to get started,  just pull up the mobile website builder application from the Eikon Mobile Toolbox and follow the steps.
There are a variety of mobile optimized templates that you can that best suits your business needs.