Virtual Business Cards

Has the paper business card lost its significance — and utility? How many business cards have you collected that will never again see the light of day?

As our world becomes more digitally connected and mobile, the necessity of printed business cards has come into question. The popularity and widespread use of social media sites, smartphones, cloud-computing and other digital networking alternatives is accelerating their demise. In an era when you can share your entire resume with the swipe of a finger printed business cards, once considered as important as a firm handshake, has become antiquated.

Is It Time to Go Paperless?

With Eikon Mobile you can send your virtual business card (vCard) by SMS text, you will never be without a business card again. From now on, when someone asks you for your contact info, just tell them to text your name to your short code, and your vCard will be immediately sent to their phone. They can then easily download contact info to their phone with “clickable” data links such as:

  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Mobile Website
  • Your Main Site

Now you can have an endless supply of business cards, and anytime you need to change or add information, you simply log in to your account and change it. You never have to throw away hundreds of useless cards, and you never have to rely on a print shop again.

Time Saver

Using Eikon Mobile’s vCards, you can share your contact information in new and innovative ways with prospects and customers. Best of all, their mobile phone number is automatically captured at the same time.

Subscribers who choose one of our basic service plans have the option of setting up a mobile landing page to capture additional information such as first name, last name and email address.

With our premium service plans subscribers have the option of including mobile websites which provide the highest degree of customization and data collection.

Additional Benefits

  • All of your professional contacts can easily be organized in one place
  • Do away with easy to lose often thrown away paper business cards
  • No more paper equates to being more eco-friendly
  • Synchronize and automate the delivery of commonly requested product information and sales materials

Now you can send a new card to everyone in your database whenever you change a piece of information. Plus, you now have the ability to send messages to them anytime you choose to do so. Do you see the possibilities there?

Picture This Scenario

You just returned from the convention in Las Vegas with a stack of business cards. Since you want to maintain contact with them, you now face the task of entering their information into your contact manager and cell phone. You may even begin looking them up one by one at Facebook or LinkedIn.

Virtual business cards exchanged through text messaging can help solve a few of these burdensome tasks, if not all of them eventually. By texting your business card to them in the first place, they are automatically placed in your online contact list.

As more and more savvy business people create their own virtual business cards, you will then be able to exchange much more than name and cell phone number. Their Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS, and other resources can all be captured at once.

So the next time you’re at a football game, and you get into a discussion with the person sitting next to you, and soon discover they’re interested in possibly doing business with you, it won’t matter that you never thought about bringing business cards with you. All you have to do is ask them to text your name to (for ex: 82257), and they will instantly have your pertinent business credentials on their phone – in the form of your beautiful brand new Virtual Business Card.

Show Your Personality

Not only can you collect all the name phone number and web information but you can also show the personality of your business. We can design a website suited to your data collection needs and brand.

With Eikon Mobile’s vCards you can easily and quickly you can distribute your business credentials via SMS text messaging. Which Also Brings Along A Few More Benefits:

Landing Pages

Eikon’s landing page generator enables you to create single page and column mobile-friendly websites designed to convert visitors into valued customers, while collecting basic information to build your opt-in list. No technical knowledge needed, do it all in minutes without any coding!