Text-to-Win Contests (Sweepstakes)

Customers love sweepstakes because they get chance to win something for free. Mobile text-to-win contests are easy to enter providing immediate feedback, typically resulting in higher entry rates over other promotional mediums because people participate in a way that is most convenient for them.

The contest and their chance to win is the incentive for your customers to join your opt-in and lead generation list. You have the flexibility to assign a contest to a complete list, or limit entrants by offering it only to participants that text within a specific time-frame. This tool can be an amazing weapon in your marketing arsenal!


Time Frame

Choose who can enter with the option to only allow those who text in from a specific range of dates, that way they have incentive to text in immediately!


Everybody Wins

Select up to five winners, and customize their messages with coupons, or information on claiming their prize!


List Building

Your business can rapidly grow its marketing list with this amazing tool!



All of the allure of a normal sweepstakes delivered with the simplicity of text messaging!

Using a text-to-win contest is a great way to create buzz and excitement around your promotion and brand. The benefits to your company don’t stop once the contest has ended. After running a text-to-win campaign, you’ll have an abundance of new opt-ins, who will now be in your database who can be sent subsequent special offers, new sweepstakes, and more!