What is Text to Screen Messaging ?

Text to Screen Messaging is a dynamic interactive method of engaging your audience at live events. It captivates your audience and makes them come back for more.  This media tool gives your participants the opportunity to send a personal message to a KEYWORD via a short code from their mobile device and have it displayed on a big screen for everyone to see. You can find out instantly what your customers want and give them a voice.

The applications are limitless and can be combined with other features like Survey/Voting, Trivia questions, Mobile Contest etc. This guarantees a viral spread of user participation, engagement and fun. When participants respond back, their phone number is immediately added to your contacts list.

Illustrative Users

-Trade Shows/Conventions/ Conferences
-Multimedia Entertainment Services
-Television/Radio Stations
-Sporting Events
-Restaurant /Bars/ Nightclubs
-Political Party Candidates/Rallies
-Churches/Synagogues /Religious Organizations

Benefits Of Text-To-Screen:

-Increase audience participation through live interaction
-Promote different specials, sales,or coupons to increase your brand recognition
-It creates a list of customer cell phone numbers for you to increase your user database
-Allows the option to sell business advertising space on the screen to increase profits.