Social Media

Social media is everywhere, research shows that social media use has become a regular habit for 75% of the online population. The influence of social media is used in making buying decisions, to stay in touch with friends and family, and to develop new relationships — both personal and professional.

The use of mobile devices combined with the pervasiveness of social media, has become a vital business tool that today’s entrepreneurs can no longer ignore. When used properly, these platforms can provide you with new marketing opportunities, allowing you to share ideas, news, and promotional rewards directly with your customer base like never before.

Mobile Coupons

Send out promotional offers to you email list, social media friends and opt-in lists! The greater the audience that sees your promotions, the greater the response! It’s simple math: coupons + move viewers = more sales.

Web Forms

Create opt-in subscription forms for your Facebook and Twitter accounts!

Social Sharing

Make your campaigns GO VIRAL! Allow customers to easily share your promotional offers with friends on their on their Facebook and Twitter pages or email/text their friends.

Email Integration

Our platform can integrate with several of the top email marketing providers!