Mobile Surveys

One of the best ways to better serve your customers is by getting their feedback. Use our Questionnaire and Poll tool to gather Yes/No, True/False, Confirm/Reject, or Attend/Miss type answers, and get direct response feedback on decisions which affect your business! Polls are easy to create and your customers will enjoy participating.

Text messaging has changed the game, cell phone ownership among adults has exceeded 90%. Research shows that 85% of people over the age of 15 carry their cell phone with them at all times. That means any business large or small can conduct mobile surveys in real time and get instant feedback.


Use mobile surveys, polls and voting to connect with your audience and collect data that supports your business objectives.


Repeat customers are priceless, earn their loyalty by learning what really matters to them. Gain valuable demographic data by allowing them to express their preferences and shape your future marketing campaigns to their likes and dislikes.


Customers love free (or discounted) services, incentivise their participation in your survey by rewarding them with coupons.

Who Benefits from Mobile Surveys?

  • Business Owners
  • Non-Profits
  • Political Campaigns
  • Government Agencies
  • Consultants
  • Professional Associations
  • Medical Professionals
  • Financial Advisors

Mobile surveys allow you to question your audience to gather information about your customers’ experience with your business, or their preferences.

Mobile polls or voting is a little different, allowing you to ask your customers to provide feedback or reply with a choice of several options. After the recipients reply with their responses, they can then be further targeted with follow up messages or segmented into groups based on their response.

Information is indeed power when applied and used wisely, our mobile survey tools can provide extremely valuable data which, translates straight to your bottom line. Whether you need to get your business out of a slump, want to expand, or you just want to make more sales – mobile surveys are a cost-effective way to help you accomplish those goals.