Mobile Keywords

A mobile keyword is a unique, identifying word (or character set) that lets you interact with your customers through text messaging. When someone SMS texts a keyword to your short-code number (a.k.a. short number) a special telephone number, significantly shorter than a full telephone number, their mobile phone number will be automatically added to your database of opt-in contacts.

Mobile keywords like web addresses (URLs) are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Whereas common words may be unavailable, any word that is in some way unique to your business will more than likely be available. Since keywords are temporarily leased, a word that isn’t available today may become available when its lease expires.


Mobile Keywords


How Do They Work?

Customers can text your keyword to be added to your contact list and to receive an automated response. Managing your mobile keywords and automated text message responses is easy through our Advertiser Dashboard which can even be managed from an iPhone or Android mobile device. Keywords are the starting point of your mobile marketing campaign. Once your mobile keywords have been established, the rest of our mobile services can be easily implemented as part of your SMS Marketing Toolkit.

Why Mobile Keywords?



Use mobile keywords that are unique to your business and recognizable by your customers. As the centerpiece of your mobile marketing campaign, your keywords will provide convenient yet meaningful interactions between your business and your customers.



By using different keywords in various media and promotions, you can segment your mobile market and track which keyword is generating the most hits. Use this valuable data to help craft your mobile marketing campaign.



Easily manage your keywords and automated text message responses using our Advertiser Dashboard. Additional mobile keywords can be added to your arsenal at anytime.



Mobile keywords provide endless possibilities as you develop your marketing campaigns. Build your database of mobile numbers through mobile alerts, voting, surveys, contests and many other practical SMS marketing applications. When you use text messaging to communicate with your customers, the visibility and reliance on your brand increases.