Mobile Donations

91% of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach 24/7. If your organization is one whose life’s blood depends on the generosity of others, mobile technology can improve your fundraising results. Engage your supporters directly with SMS messaging and boost fundraising participation immediately!

Join the fast-growing shift from Voice to SMS donor interactions, SMS offers a number of distinct advantages over other approaches. Unlike the coming wave of mobile communications-enabled applications, with SMS no app needs to be installed and customers can use a familiar interface. Furthermore, on the business side there are substantial efficiencies to be gained from this shift. Using the call center example, an operator who normally handles one voice call can now accept multiple messaging-based interactions simultaneously, thus improving the number of customers that can be processed per operator.

Eikon’s Mobile Donations solution integrated with our Premium Mobile Website is designed to help you accomplish three things:

  • Gain New Donors
  • Increase Recurring Gifts
  • Better Engage Supporters

Eikon’s fundraising and communication solutions transform charities, churches, universities, nonprofits, political groups, socially responsible corporations and philanthropists into mobile marketing experts.

Leverage powerful, easy-to-use tools for compelling mobile and social campaigns. As supporters opt-in to your cause, you can segment them building a list of VIP donors. Subsequent messages can be personalized and will reach them directly with an average open rate of 98%.

Eikon’s user-friendly Mobile Donations solution makes it convenient and easy for donors to support your cause without the hassle of writing a check or carrying cash.

Benefits of Mobile Donations:

  • Build a database community of long-term supporters
  • Develop new channels to achieve your fundraising goals
  • Provide a more convenient experience for your supporters
  • Monitor and manage your fundraising in real-time
  • Fundraising events become more interactive and personal
  • Make your campaigns go viral with social sharing features
  • Compel your supporters to take action immediately