Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

Texting has become the preferred medium of communication for adults, and is growing rapidly as the choice for all generations worldwide. It is not surprising that it has become a vital marketing tool for many businesses.

MMS has become as convenient and immediate as SMS text messaging, with one distinctive difference. MMS messages can include audio, video, and animation supercharging your promotional content with excitement! Like ordinary text messages they are received in your customers mobile inbox and can be forwarded to an individual or group of contacts easily and go viral from there.

Eikon Mobile’s MMS tool opens up a world of possibilities — particularly in advertising applications. SMS text messages are limited to about 140 bytes of information which equals 160 characters. MMS messages allow for greater size and almost limitless text characters. Together these two features provide enhanced and exciting marketing opportunities for you and a more visual experience for your customers!

Benefits of MMS Marketing

  • Send Mobile Coupons and promotions with colorful images instead of plain text
  • Receive MMS messages from clients
  • Engage your customers using image or video contests requesting them to submit their entries via MMS
  • Send embedded music and commercial videos
  • Send embedded music files within text links
  • Send embedded images or video sports highlights
  • Send customers an interactive map to guide them to your location