Kiosk Builder

Eikon’s Kiosk Builder tool, is versatile means for turning any iPad or Android tablet into an instant customer Kiosk. Perfect for events, mobile lead capture, respondent driven surveys, and even lobby style check-in, customize your Kiosk to your brand with ease. The Kiosk interface is easy to use, and your customers will require little, if any, instruction.

Create a loyalty rewards program to engage customers and increase list opt-in rates by 5 to 10 times. Customers that have opted-in to your loyalty rewards program will start receiving offers, event notifications or “punch” their virtual loyalty card and earn points with every purchase. It is a great tool for building a customer database for future mobile and push marketing campaigns.


No Skills Required

Easily create a tablet based Kiosk in minutes for any business, it is as simple as point and click. Our custom wizard allows you to modify pages on the fly and is compatible with both Android and Apple iOS.


Customer Friendly

The user interface allows two options to opt-in or punch. On the next screen, they would enter in their mobile number. The best part of our Loyalty Program is that it is cost effective, and can only be punched from the kiosk, preventing customers from cheating the system.

Loyalty Kiosk Benefits:

  • Instant Reach: 98% of texts messages are read in 3 minutes or less
  • Increase Sales: Reach customers during slow times with specials and promotions
  • Retain Customers: Check-ins encourage frequent visits
  • Digital Integration: Drive traffic to your business, your websites, your social media site and more!
  • Go Green: Eliminate paper or plastic punch cards which are often lost, misplaced, or forgotten

Loyalty Kiosk Solutions Include:

  • Ease in sending your customers text message specials and promotions
  • Deliver a link to a mobile website or custom App download
  • Tailor your Kiosk Design to suit your business
  • Send mobile coupon  with trackable codes that prevent fraud
  • Management and create reports from web-based software
  • Completely eliminate paper punch cards that are frequently misplaced, forgotten, or lost