Group Texting

Traditional advertising channels print, radio, and television aren’t as effective as they once were. To keep your marketing message in front of your audience requires new technology and the ability to reach them more effectively. In this fast paced world time means money and it’s important to keep your message in front of your audience.

With every company using mass media your message can get lost in the vast sea of advertising content your customers receive. Group texting allows you to reach a large audience with a personalized message that brings your business into focus setting you apart from others.

The goal is to produce quick measurable results. Text message marketing provides a channel of instantaneous communication with your customers. Your campaigns bypass any lag time in reaching your audience. Statistics show that over 90 % of texts are opened within 3 minutes of receiving them on a mobile device. If you need more customers to visit your business fast, send out a discount coupon or promote a sale and watch the results happen.

A simple analogy for the concept of Group Texting is to think of it as your SMS megaphone. It provides you the ability to send a single text message to hundreds or thousands of mobile numbers in an instant. This is attractive for businesses to use as a marketing tool because it is more time efficient than sending individual messages one at a time.


  • Mobile has evolved into the preferred personal mass media
  • It is the medium that users carry at arms reach 24/7
  • Best of all … its rarely turned off.


  • Using SMS you can accurately determine your target group.
  • Mobile devices can also quantify the social environment of media consumption.


  • See immediate results when customers reply
  • Determine ROI by tracking the number of recipients who redeem SMS coupon/offer at the POS
  • Sales occur in minutes or hours rather than waiting days or weeks using traditional ad campaigns


With Eikon Mobile’s group texting feature, it is easy to select from your permission based SMS Marketing databases of cell phone numbers and draft messages that can be sent immediately or in the future. There is also the flexibility to schedule messages to multiple groups as well. Managing the process is a snap using our dashboard.

Engage, Analyze and Iterate at Every Level

With Group Texting  you get the “Grand Slam” effect in broadcast advertising.  It combines all of the individual advantages of traditional mass media options into one all-encompassing medium – visual (print ads), audio (radio), video (television) and mail(direct or electronic).

Group Texting is a unique marketing tool that allows you to target your consumers in a way that no other medium can. Utilizing Eikon Mobile’s platform you can deliver your message to the right people, in the right place, at the right time with the least effort and often for the lowest cost.


How Does The MAGIC Happen?

The process is simple. You begin by building a list of contacts who want to receive your message. Most construct their lists by using existing contact databases, creating opt-in widget on their websites, or by asking people to join your group by texting a chosen keyword, to a number like 12345, called a shortcode.

Once your lists are built you can begin sending out messages. You draft a message within your account, and we send it to all of the major wireless carriers. They in turn transmit it to everyone in your group, who receive it in minutes.

Whether there are 100 or 10,000 people in your group, once they receive the message and read it, they have the option to reply back. If they respond then that message will be transmitted to your account inbox. The 2-way group text messaging operation is now completed.

There are no limits as to who can use group texting. Besides business use there are many applications. Whether you are a church, school news organization,political group,charity group,or any organization, group texting can spread the message to your audience with low cost efficiency.