Email Integration

Eikon’s Email Integration tool allows you to connect to the web services you already use, sync your data, and get reports on how your mobile marketing campaigns are impacting your business.

Email Marketing Platform Integrations:

  • iContact
  • MailChimp
  • AWebber
  • Constant Contact
  • GetResponse

Whenever your customers or prospects provide us with their email address, our system will automatically relay that information to your email marketing platform. This integration works with our Profile Grabber feature which collects additional data from the user after they opt-in to your subscription list. Our system issues a short series of questions in a conversational format asking the user to reply with their full name, zip code, and email address.

When the process is complete, their information is automatically sent to your desired email marketing platform where a contact/subscriber entry is created.


Profile Grabber

Personalize your opt-in lists with subscribers’ first and last name and boost the open and conversion rates of future push or pull marketing campaigns.