Connecting with your existing and potential customers is key to a successful campaign. Multi-channel Marketing Automation. Using Eikon Mobile’s toolbox you can measure and automate across channels and send your message immediately or at a designated time. With tools like Scheduled Tasks, and Auto Responders you can keep you audience constantly engaged on the go! Current as well as new opt-ins will receive staggered messages automatically with special offers, keeping your business in the forefront of their mind. That’s the beauty of our automated marketing tools!


Text Autoresponders

Schedule promotional offers to be sent out automatically to your customers and target audience!


Email Autoresponders

Instead of letting new opt-ins forget about you, keep them engaged after subscribing to your list.


Birthday Wishes

Gift your customers with special offers or coupons sent out automatically!


Mobile Analytics

Easily track and edit any tasks or auto-responses during your active campaign.