Does your business rely on appointments with clients, customers or patients? If so, then you know the costs of missed appointments. No-shows waste valuable time and adversely affect your bottom line.

Automate scheduling tasks, and make the process interactive. Your customers can select from predefined confirmation responses. These responses identify whether the customer will make it to the appointment or if they’re running late and need to reschedule.



Eikon’s multiple appointment wizard allows you to add up to 48 confirmation messages at once, edit them accordingly, and send them out. You can select the default message template, date, type of confirmation/reminder, time prior to the appointment that the SMS is sent, opt-in list, and internal phone number that is notified of their confirmation status.



Customize your auto reply message based on their response to confirm, miss, etc. For example, if a client’s response to a confirmation with “M” to miss, you can send them an autoresponse to call the office when possible to reschedule.


Bulk Uploads

Quickly and easily transfer appointment data from your system to ours! Import Excel (.CSV) files uploading up to 100 appointments at a time from a spreadsheet.


Client Opt-Ins

When a client responds to your confirmation message, they will be automatically be opted-in to the list you selected.